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Arts Integrated tools
Our Mission

Arts Integrated provides educators with comprehensive digital art-based resources that build upon class content and learning standards. We aim to enhance education by creating tools to help inspire art based learning.

Our Story

Arts Integrated formed in the summer of 2020 in response to the changing landscape of education and art. Classrooms and museums went virtual and found refuge in online spaces. Our goal is to be at the forefront of digital arts education and committed to a universal approach for learning environments. We believe media art helps foster communication, collaboration, and creativity in the classroom. 

Advancements in technology have placed the most powerful artistic tool in our pocket. With more schools relying on iPads, chrome books, and laptops, there is a need to harness these tools to turn screen time into a creative endeavor. Our online student hub provides resources to complete each project and assignment. Together, educators will be able to bring art and creativity into the classroom simultaneously teaching kids to not only consume but create. 

Arts Integrated exists solely online and is building a platform that can reach classrooms globally. Our ultimate goal is to provide access to resources, ensure accessibility, and eliminate language barriers. Most importantly, we firmly believe the quality of education should not be based on how much one can afford. As we grow and evolve, every resource will be free for educators and students forever.

Board of Directors
Alvy, Philip_edited.png

Philip Alvy

Executive Director

Philip is an award-winning filmmaker and arts educator in Chicago, where he teaches high school media arts. With a degree from Columbia College Chicago and an MFA in media education from Emerson College, Philip brings a wealth of knowledge to Arts Integrated. Philip's diverse background in filmmaking, curriculum development, and arts education, along with his commitment to empowering youth through artistic expression, is the foundation and backbone of Arts Integrated. To learn more about Philip’s background please check out

Arts Integrated

Caroline Claxton

Marketing Programs Manager -Drop Box

Caroline is currently working as a Marketing Program Manager at Dropbox, where she showcases her skills in creativity, strategy, and innovation. She hails from California, where she attended Orange County School of the Arts and studied dance. A Psychology and Business graduate from Northeastern, she honed her skills at GoTo and Meta before mastering large-scale projects at Dropbox. Her creative-meets-strategic approach makes her an invaluable asset, a testament to her dedication and belief in the power of art-infused strategy. Caroline is excited to be part of the team ensuring Arts Integrated resonates with art lovers and educators alike.

Arts Integrated

Carissa Kacmarek

Executive Assistant - Lightbox Entertainment

Carissa is a filmmaker born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago’s film program in 2015, she moved to LA to pursue “the dream”. She got her start in the entertainment industry as a Tour Guide at Warner Brothers. Since then, she has coordinated production for projects such as “Lucifer”, “The Rookie”, & "Friends: The Reunion”. In her spare time, she writes, directs and produces her own content. She comes from a long line of educators and through her own arts education at Columbia, she knows firsthand the power of art to change lives.

Arts Integrated

Marie Teichman

Senior Customer Success Specialist - Wolters Kluwer Health

Fueled by a lifelong love for the arts and a passion for expanding access, Marie champions Arts Integrated's growth. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, her interest in education equity began with a global outlook, as she earned a BA in International Affairs with minors in Business and Spanish from Northeastern University. Later, an MBA in Health Sector Management from Boston University honed her financial insight. Marie's career has bridged healthcare and education. She leverages her expertise to expand access to educational resources for patients across health systems. She's excited to bring her experience to amplify Arts Integrated's financial health and impact. 

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