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Arts Integrated

Lights. Camera. Action! 

It's time to shoot your project. Many devices can be used to capture your footage. You can shoot a fantastic project on your smartphone, tablet, or camera. 

Check out the filming guides below to learn more. 


Arts Integrated
Close Up

Features the subject up close, usually focusing solely on the face.

Arts Integrated
Wide Shot

Enough space for the viewer to see every aspect of the scene.

Arts Integrated
Insert Shot

Directs the viewer's attention to a particular element in a scene. 

Arts Integrated
Medium Shot

Frames the shot and your subject from the waist up.

Arts Integrated
Extreme Close Up

Focuses on a very small detail, until nothing else is visible.

Arts Integrated
Establishing Shot

Used mainly to introduce the audience to a new location.

Other Skills

Arts Integrated


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